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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  March 5, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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the eye. the official cost another president of kazakhstan russia and lewis will meet moscow to discuss the crisis in ukraine reportedly assaulted by an awkward not because the president received at his residence. the minister for the fish you want a decent according to the presidential press service that extends foreign policy priorities for the coming period and top with the shoes of the international agenda were also discussed during the meeting following the meeting the president has often as it might give instruction on the discuss issues through to score. we
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discuss situation which takes place in ukraine. it touches all the decisions that were taken in cis. this is to some extent in directly effects the customs union. therefore to clarify the situation and it's all i talk with a russian president vladimir putin yesterday. i immediately made a proposal to meet and discuss all these issues. we'll discuss a concerted actions which need to be taken and for the development of the very dangerous situation takes place presently ministers since. the eurasian economic commission council discussed a draft agreement on the eurasian economic union on tuesday in austin on the meeting was attended by the members of the council in the representatives of the governments of belle rose kazakhstan and russia questions about the progress of the doctor and the implementation of the matches for armenian joining the customs union and the common economic space the agreement on the exchange of information including five new ones behind the agenda of the meeting. those who announced as the money as armenian side and our representatives who are involved in the process
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recorded at present posted two percent of the robot has already been done from the armenian side. armenia has assured that you'll be fully prepared on the road map is controlled by me first it is in line with what the moral questions about the customs duty rates increase in respect of long distance buses as well as the impact of meat or traded our cordial subsidies under the moment of the customs union have also been considered discussion on the draft agreement will continue in moscow in a meeting of the supreme eurasian the motels of the love of the heads of states. that is to create a single business infrastructure with the bases for the program. the minister of regional develop bought the genre ship reported that the new alliance would all support centers and for your service centers coming up in your service centers operating seventy major cities as entrepreneurship support centers opened in twenty seven single industrial towns and most of that work in all fourteen regions according to the minister the single business infrastructure will increase the possibility of the economically active population in obtaining information and consultation
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for an opening in conducting the business. meanwhile more than one hundred and thirty two million saying it has been located for the business world map program from two thousand and two two thousand thirteen. almost seventy thousand afternoons was supported by the state in about two hundred and thirty thousand jobs were created by large amish of reporting prime ministers of the custody of them instructed to submit a proposal for improving the implementation of the business for about a program to the government until march fifteen according to the prime minister the ministry of regional development shall develop proposals for further updating the program taken into account the formation of the second five year industrialization program that set me to give you a thank you. we are trying to increase the bottom of the guarantee because it is a much needed tool with easy to earn sixty nine guarantees over three years. there was no deep thought on this such guarantees in his plan to issue more than five hundred additional guarantees during this year. now we win this great interest to recruit about thirty guarantees the move over two months. in all set to double by hasn't
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let me get some water but at the gates to get a job you forgive them. the change in circulation figure in the market value praise of acid which is offered by the oxford you as a pledge so be possible to obtain such amount of lending that is the to achieve their business projects. the little einsteins. coincidentally or inspections of small and medium size businesses can be posted on a new site called registry bought the newest problem starting from april the new website was launched by the national chamber of the newest this particular innovation will enable of her newest interact effectively with government agencies and also so problems in a shorter span of time. the two of them over but whats that all these problems are being processed in several solutions of the problems are being provided the documents are sent to the parliament for consideration for all these issues were discussed and i'll apply for a regular meeting of the inter departmental commission was held as a result the national chamber has made more than two hundred proposals to change the current which way she will be steeper than
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the new foods new usage as a convent school school. simple it has been waiting for this moratorium otherwise is impossible because small businesses can i get through all the good ones is extended cover the domestic demand in clear petroleum products by kiddos and twenty as the head of cars but i guess noted the briefing of the search committee decent service today the country imports of us one millionseven hundred thousand pounds modernization of three oil refineries has already begun. according to its results a probable refinery capacity will go to seven million tonnes shipped and refinery output were raised by six million tonnes as of about a refiner will produce more than five million tonnes of products. these words will be completed probably in two thousand sixteen. according to sell and buy of the conjunction of the fourth oil refinery is still being considered. it is assumed that a part of its products will be exported to the south uzbekistan kyrgyzstan to do just that and afghanistan also the head of customer i guess things that all production cuts at anfield will be resumed in the second half of this year. however it is still really talk about
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the production dollars in costs was included in that week she left the room with the resumption of production to be announced in the second half of two thousand fourteen but we must be in terms of probabilities. therefore i will refrain from commenting even more so on production after the decision on investments made the production volunteer kos will be clear i do not even know if the gas playful be complete in place. i have no final conclusion on this. we expect to receive the final conclusion by the end of this march the dap in the seats on reducing it exhibition complex expo two thousand seventeen will successfully fifth architectural appearance in boston are and will be incredible place with capital residents to live and to rest the presentation of the project's concept was held at a briefing on the subject medication service. the construction of the township is planned for may. currently engineering in geological were sorry and away on a construction site a feasibility study was elaborated first of all the main object of the exhibition complex context and cost to the pavilion will be
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constructed the building will be in the form of a sphere with a total diameter eighty meters from the first time this fear awesome i will be completely closed more than one hundred countries disbanding in the exhibition will open their billions nearly one million square meters of housing will be constructed in this township also there will be shopping centers with fitness rooms hotels schools and kindergartens museum exhibitions art centers and much more. is it appropriate to make the most disparate but the deal because the pavilion sweet red to green the unique street along with citizens of context and guests will walk. everything is situated on a covered area in fact it is the shelter town where people can walk and also the sentiment on the very core is the pavilion comics that it is the symbol around which everything is organized. it is the main element which attracts everything. every element the rebuilding of the exhibition complex expo two thousand seventeen one that can only generate energy here the program saw travis will be launched waste products will be transferred from the town to the prices explain the complex expo will consume less energy. the most advanced technologies corresponding to the economy will be implemented here. all these facilities will be
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excess oil to people after the exhibition expo the worst sort of news to read it for the first time that all facilities all complex mcgovern all in one place. therefore we take advantage from all the heavy old technologies we gather them all more complex and i get to show to the world is an example of new sustainable city. it was sweet with a bow some of today's professional sports where tailing a prize care is of course for the countries of the customs union. the domestic enterprises a good demand and owners explained with the absence of the competitors in neighboring markets. after this halim pics. chinese experts noted that the national team of kazakhstan was the only team which did not wear the uniform of the world famous brands and performed an eu force manufactured by domestic enterprise presently belmont the factory kayla's one hundred and fifty cents per day if necessary this amount to be increased by three to four times due to the customs union. the company prepares to reach its full production capacity in response to the mall since they use. we consider that the customs union will have many advantages for us. a new
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market opens where they will be about a hundred fifty million people visited a large number. they will be no customs procedures. this is an interesting market is interesting job. we took an age of high tech products. it is a complex assortment will get the chance to name the things he is nonetheless an hour the company sells off its not only neighboring countries but leicester sport kit of context and brynn were purchased by a sport out to austria italy and switzerland the proceeds now we have orders from canada the company five seasons as this was pretty docile negotiations with them for signing the contract to export a winter sports clothing for switzerland. our partners started working actively they're involved in selection of customers they're very interested in our price and the color combination. zaman to provoke the end of. what opera stars do a consonant on the corner so as of the metropolitan opera in new york fundamental soul is of the opera house's argentina and brazil. george terrace and well known russian and ukrainian artists performed on one scene a local orchestra full kitchen it's named after him cuddle
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him i've accompanied them the opera stars were amazed at the skill of theull orcstra and invited him to olo performer among its key theater by dint of its noted the performance of the operating here is to the sound of the dome bronco this became an unusual and very successful experience for them. moreover he admitted that he was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome of the local audience in its deep understanding of classical music. the news is that the visual data will be in kenya bush. and of course need people in small towns just did not have the opportunity to listen to classical music and this is the opportunity for them to come and listen to it here because not everyone can visit the grand mayan ski theater people need to listen to it here in the theater because unfortunate some tv is completely different set of a system of levels of innocence. he's a great event for us. i was happy to see listen to the opera stars. if these concerts are held more often. there will be very happy. the concert ended by performers of the great depression romance dark eyes
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the latest news is that three w dot cardstock stash tv got kate said. banks are not afraid of competition with foreign banks today thirty second tier banks operate in the twenty oh seven but has expanded its whoever they are branches of us and asia baking laundry up reading that fits well however they use to work with corporate clients that their respective countries or worse to debunking. okok we should try just about six banks will take over the key positions of casting banks and the stars they know the sun my own experience and one more to foreign banks and they have a clear mandate of operating in another country it's clearly spells out
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the credit worthy of the key to having to do it. the worst winter for twenty years urgent repair and to mum to children in the woods and wesley. but it is as expected banks are russian financial structures door covers the corporate sector and into the fields. moreover the banks of the three countries have access to secure funding compared with domestic banks the development is not always a powerful argument against it saying from the bucket. small cars that look for it even easier for banks will never be able to create a level of trust in me to understand and has expanded clients thousand users and trading companies which is reached by domestic banks designing competitive advantage which will always think it's important component of what you are keen to get allegedly on the equipment we were stopped me on the wood stork the consumer always has it that the difference is competition among banks. hire
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a part of the competition is in the banking sector to lower interest rates on loans he's in queue for the services of financial institutions. drinking but he says the state reduced with my situation between borrowers and depositors has reached an optimal level volume of offering loans is now equal to the bottom of the fact that our seats and they stand at nine thousand fifty six billion and eight thousandeight hundred and thirty two when he respected banks offered a means of internal resistance of the economy and the fear of external obligations the purpose here on the one hand the situation has left a decrease in the growth rate of lesbian but on the other hand it has possibly contribute to stability in the bank expected. she was accused of art investment the government wanted us to over one year. us reports police estimate of one hundred thirty nine billion dollars of which are
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accounted for by law to protect a year earlier the speaker stood at one hundred sixty four billion dollars five hundred fifty billion dollars of which were long term debt obligations and another six billion dollars for this year russia was ranked second among the difficulties that gets the keys to ten weeks during which i could exceed one point five billion dollars that is in second place to post this weekend after christmas it was occupied by the cayman islands with one billion dollars. data provided by the match statistics. so the report says that the index of business that is the norm and i think that encounter the fifty five percent the trip to fourteenth which is one point six percent higher compared with previous month. this is the first increase after an ongoing theme of the blind to the mix of businesses included on the second is
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calculated on the basis that they have several hundred representatives of business sense. but the food is included. it started to fall into the kitchen extension of the spectrum which occurred during the period well below the one who flies into dust the eye eye. ben. in this. it
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sling to see as they don't have diplomatic relations between catholics and in the arab republic of fiji to list ten things they must be put into dancing to his to be opened by amateur and the masons was depressed the fish so the states for some time as a nine to eighteen. because of any team fights important topic documents on trade and economic conference in mutual protection of investments as well as information about the recent ones. mike's find twenty ten defense conquest of the man who was counting the capital of canada him abt it to explain its anniversary of independence. grace was that integrated presidents
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who are still considered by the main emoticon grants is to discount the role of the man in socio political and socio economic development of the country as well as determining the prospects of further developments with teams of police. the status of mike's serene scene in an intense opening link the special eileen peeps were announced in kazakhstan for the best time. this competition is for children with intellectual disabilities. the adl is retained its remain the most insane stupid former unc president john f kennedy conflicts fifty pence from different regions of consent and are sent to live in competitions in speed skating team and home grown. it
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didn't. i believe it to advantage which the two things first. it will increase its role in human rights issues especially that quake going now with a new and console and human rights said thinking it would have to wait several more good in that region for more democracy and feed them and want a speech on the question of energy ocean air. utility of the time of reform. it is actually very very critical one of the problems very often when the reform movement gets a head of steam and molds. it is then implementing a revolution or an uprising is just an event what happens after which makes all the difference. and if there's not a sentence civil rights civil government institutions to work with very often the good news now people get the solution then
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you have a counter revolution so protracted and ceos are multiplying in this region and some of them getting extremely upbeat and strong including the center that we are today. it's all good because the road ahead of modernizing economically and politically. twenty long years to enhance and setbacks corn and some unexpected turns of the road. so the stronger the fabric and in the political leadership in this region. more likelihood is that there would be a promising outcome to be invited to the center is being extremely important to me and to see the time and time during the states of the cotton sheet to try to either axes to the people not to give these television network. and to try to read this post where we had in the internet. well we have in cyberspace to television. i sink is going to be a
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challenging of ansett and the challenging accomplishment and that perhaps he will be step sounds like giving access to people to present their views about what i am not going to rush back to drop the safeguard in ahmedabad misfortune that a chef to mention the fabled world upon bringing them home and abroad moved from the program offers to people for years but reported twenty oh four that dumped awesome friendship and six the name and the us. he's the ideal concept more settled and yet hopeful when the snow religious discourse yen on me the challenge of no school climbing gym and put them on an easel. and i think this is exactly what to do well they are right now he said such a sense that an incentive to mention that because right now and will lie in bed change is taking place and that we do not have institutions that made the rounds of that change a
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money exchange and media precise the mega center and at the stall to manage this change. no youtube of them are the most or all the keepers of the condom on crusty outer beauty that we lost a huge amount by religion just put the gumption to what's in store them for me in them the shame and guilt award to all of that is what a blessing in the paths of the disco obama feels kinda difficult for us. mom then back to be sure to switch to the orchards. and my seven by the foundation that like the saints that we have been involved in the ad promoting these gals are and the years now but we don't have any yet we don't need to offend people individually in groups of people with students and blotted we do not have such an impact in the media became involved in that said that the impact will team up with the montreal to wear it to disintegrate. the initiative michael wright true to myself and the two of them and reuse from the fortune to be here
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participating in this bout of local tv stations dialogue for democracy and freedom. i think is keen to keep the show worldwide. because we see the democracy in the nourishing me more good news to be taken care of all their wines. we get reversed when the wet conditions with this new thing i hope the group three year by year of giving the world the gift of democracy in britain i'm a new zealand. i'm also a vice president of the park entrance and we shared a common experience of having to leave its league isn't democracy. yet we have more in the role of chastity. it's who we understand finds that we also understand the course of freedom that we seeing around the world today. and the new media platform and that the shake is starting to unlawfully people can have a voice is of great interest to the madrid. what we want to do is help bring the police
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and when you dial. we knew solutions on sheets i use the site for defects can be the outcome. the column and read it once a sheet societies and she blooms that cites a defence based on democratic principles. and we understand that the new media is going to be a very important concepts so that we i'm very interested in the shake and his mission. we understand the importance of the middle east and the new conversations. yet i'm sitting here. and so the problem and it tries to bring the moment. and our experience of individually and in some of them the resolution reads some of whom imports. indigenous peoples rule all women through the society's new ones. and by allowing the tunnel to it and we think that we can be a chance to change even though we no longer in office. i think it's been a very important to the conversations we've heard the voice of africa the voice of the middle east we've heard some of the old
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voice soft america and europe and we have diplomas of discussion around the new the new voices the nation these people in these new society is sent his normal people who are unable to call telephones the arctic seas to be intimate and they want the police to keep it. i think that lead is he an hour of understanding that maybe tomorrow i'll also be followers. and this is a new paradigm shift so that shank convening this conversation in the middle east in this mind that when signing the important things happening. it's one of those tipping points in history and the government is pleased to be part of it. i use these conversations here and win or two about the games pointers at the stake through his leadership of opening up new media to many new people who have not had access to it. up until now. we think it will help define the future shape of the streets. the band if you do this. he said. hosts
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it is. he said. leave. it's so. we suggest you that means i don't want to do. we in the job of truth in that troubled market. we can see we are told to. because we are out. you've experienced health costs. it's brand new stones. having heaps on no bail for two years. gutierrez one day tv experience political motives. cornes was acquitted. i'll change. that
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takes you to send the guy santa for. donald. amman insurance on it you betcha the beautician. who will rule. and. err. the essence
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we will will will will. ah eye. i rule all along. i ll eu i know. she's


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